Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So its been two months since I started my locs again and Im loving every day. But this post is not going to be about my locs which I been sitting here trying to find the words for this.

I lost my mom on Tuesday April 13,2010. I been struggling with the lost but hiding my feelings. Im standing strong for the fact this what my mom wanted and also for the sake of my child. She's too young to understand what mommy is going through and might scare her I truly don't want that. I had my mom cremated and i have yet to receive her remains. Yes! not yet, something dealing with money but she will be coming home soon. I also will be moving into my own apartment this month hopefully. Another thing I have started is my tumblr account I prolly won't be on blogger as much. I need to find more topics to talk about. Maybe after I move I'll have something to talk about. More on hair stuff, my jewelry designs (yes i design) raising my 2 year old, and living alone for the first time. Im also looking for a template for this blog. I might design my own but we'll see. So you guys I shall be back very soon with my moving update and pics of my new apartment. I shall also post a craft. Im really leaning on my artsy side which I have not visited since I had my daughter. So thats it all Im going to post but you will be seeing more of me in the future.

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