Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So its been two months since I started my locs again and Im loving every day. But this post is not going to be about my locs which I been sitting here trying to find the words for this.

I lost my mom on Tuesday April 13,2010. I been struggling with the lost but hiding my feelings. Im standing strong for the fact this what my mom wanted and also for the sake of my child. She's too young to understand what mommy is going through and might scare her I truly don't want that. I had my mom cremated and i have yet to receive her remains. Yes! not yet, something dealing with money but she will be coming home soon. I also will be moving into my own apartment this month hopefully. Another thing I have started is my tumblr account I prolly won't be on blogger as much. I need to find more topics to talk about. Maybe after I move I'll have something to talk about. More on hair stuff, my jewelry designs (yes i design) raising my 2 year old, and living alone for the first time. Im also looking for a template for this blog. I might design my own but we'll see. So you guys I shall be back very soon with my moving update and pics of my new apartment. I shall also post a craft. Im really leaning on my artsy side which I have not visited since I had my daughter. So thats it all Im going to post but you will be seeing more of me in the future.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weight loss and hair

So like I said in my last post I was thinking bout locing my hair. Guess what? I woke up to a head full of curls. I twisted my babies but on a scarf and went to sleep. Awaken to curls and a fro with 2 twists still in my head. I will prolly go to the salon this coming month to get it done professionally and people who know me know I hate salons and being around people. But we'll see how it goes.

Now weight loss I started working out in January I lost 11 pounds that month. DC was hit with a snow storm I stopped working out. I will be going back to working out when I finish this detox. I ordered these pills called ZI XUI TANG BEAUTY AND FACE CAPSULES.

I found them while doing my daily search on YOUTUBE. I stumbled across NINA DETOX PILLS video and she went from 200-125 taking these pills. I said to myself let me reach these and maybe try them. I seen so many women across the net taking these pills and fab results. Yes honey I ordered me a bottle. Now I ordered the bottle Im taking now from another company. Its day 2 of my pills and I feel like a ball of energy. It comes in 48 capsules which is a 3 week supply. I'll post pics of my before and after when the 3 weeks is up. Im waiting on my order from Nina so I can take those for more results as soon as Im done. Im no where near hungry and they said (reviews) to constantly eat or snack through out the day. Im forcing myself to eat. So let me get back to watching the window for my package lol.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Locs the third time?

Im still natural just rockin a flat look because the fro was getting un-manageable. It was 2 tangled up i didnt know what to do. I tried so many products nothing worked so i grabbed the trusty hot comb and got to combing. i haven't did this in a year and I didn't have many split ends. Clipped my ends anyways. I was thinking bout doing braids since i was wearing braids since december. But i have came to the conclusion I'm starting a new set of locs once I get my hair dyed. Im keeping my brown which is my natural color but lifting the front to a light brown or auburn. We shall see and i will post pics. I gotta find someone to do my gel twist because I still dont know how to do it yet. Gotta go still working on this layout just wanted to update guys you a lil bit.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Face lift!!!

This blog is undergoing a face lift right now im looking around for stories to post along wit songs and random gossip and of course im doing a new background and layout hope you enjoy it when its done

I really had enough!

I cut the loc extensions out due to the build up I couldnt get out. So when i took them out I braided my hair it only lasted a week. I guess I took this hair shit along with the depressing shit im going thru. Thats a different story but im just saying. To make the story in why its depressing. I been thru a rollercoaster ride my whole life and now the operator is back. I could give you guys my life story but it would take up my whole blog. My biological father was a druggy and he use to sell clothes off my back along with my shoes...sad i know. My mom made me had hate him most of life. I was assaulted because of him. I mean i can go all day with this shit. But i shall be moving out soon since he's here almost everyday. I feel extremely uncomfortable. I may be moving in bout a week or so. I refuse for this to happen to me or my child. And grant if he even touch my baby imma cut his dick off and put it in his mouth. Anywho's I'll shall be back with pics and vids of my hair bye bye for now! *Muah*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let me update ya!

Okay guys *sigh* its been a min since I updated this blog. So I been on a rollercoaster ride with my emotions and more. I met my brother for the first time in my life and he's gone. No he didn't die just did some bamma shit to fuck everything up but thats a different story. Anywho I called myself dying my hair red. A big NO NO in what i did. I bleached it and my extentions along with my hair decided they didn't want to be married anymore and just parted ways. So *sigh* I cut my hair no don't be looking like that I ran to the beauty supply store for hair and re-did my locs. Yes they are back and it looks like i never cut them my hair had gotten so frizzy so quick it will be a month AGIAN! on the 5th of December so I'm happy bout that. These days are just going by so fast and I'm loving every damn sec of it. I got to the habit I don't even want to twist my hair nor wash it. Im thinking bout semi-free forming my hair. Just a thought..... I shall be posting my vids I do on here since some of my subscribers are not my youtube subscribers. I should be coming with my dmv spotlight maybe. I'm really thinking bout doing 2 other blogs. 1 for the DMV spotlight of friends or people I listen to and other on just hair and hot shoes Im addicted to heels so that blog will just feature my two passions. Look out for those blogs early next year,hopefully I get a new camera and computer for Christmas. I really wanna branch out and share my loves between hair,music and fashion. But thats it you guys I'm really tired its 12:56 am I been up since 5am with my daughter. BYE!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

1 month down!

Okay you guys i made it to my 1 month loc down. I love my lil fuzzies im getting. I twisted twice and used carols daughter and a lil loc'n gel for extra hold. My exstentions are budding which i didnt expect for being in a month! I talk to a loctictian and she said its suppose to do that. I like the reaction im getting from people about my hair. My cousin swears this is all mines lol. A few locs have fell out from constant styling. But its okay i just tell people they broke off lol. I would post a pic but im using a different computer so you guys can watch my 1 month celebration vid on youtube under the username JAMISEFIASCO. I dyed them and i plan on doing the whole head soon or maybe just the top a light brown or something. Im experimenting alot with them. I did the braidout,curls,pompador,french braids and many more, I never thought I would love my locs the way i do now. Should have did them earlier =]. Make sure you guys go watch my vids and thanks alot for going on this journey with me.